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Analytics & Reporting

It doesn’t end with the site launch, there’s setting targets, driving traffic and blowing these numbers out of the water!

The final phase in the cyclical process of getting your business online is the monitoring of data and analytics. Setting your business strategy, intended goals and objectives are worthless if you neglect the measurement of the project’s success and compare actual figures with the metrics set at the beginning of the project.

To assist you in this process, we ensure:

  • Google Analytics supplies detailed reporting on every page of your site
  • Optimisation of supporting advertising campaigns, through external channels, i.e. money is spent in the right areas
  • Visibility of relevant reports captured by 3rd parties in relation to your website’s performance

You would be surprised at the amount of information that is captured and available from the Internet which allows you to measure the success of your website. Call or email us to arrange a chat and a coffee to dig a bit deeper. We look forward to hearing from you!

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