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Search Marketing

Generating ‘click-throughs’ from people who need your products and services

Many customers ask, “How can I appear number one in search results?” There is no simple answer to this, as there is some complex science behind the algorithms used by the search engines to select the appropriate results to display to a user. With this being said, the level of profiling and intelligence used to provide accurate results can also assist businesses in providing specific information on products and services to their target audience.

Search marketing is the process of setting up and refining marketing campaigns for execution via search engines such as Google and Bing. Using targeted key words, these campaigns are then delivered to users searching for specific information. Rather than taking a costly ‘shotgun’ approach and showing campaigns to all users hoping it appeals to a small percentage of viewers, the campaign is only shown to parties interested in your specific subject-matter. This means you are not paying for unrelated ‘click-throughs’ and any leads generated through a campaign can be considered ‘warm’, where the visitor is interested or is in need of your product or service.

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